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From: Gary Ambrose
Location: Orlando, Florida
Re: I've Got Somethin For Ya

Dear Marketer,

I want to shove a few hundred dollars in your pocket.

No, I take that back. If things go my way, what I'd really like to do is shove a few thousand dollars in your pocket.

I'd like to pad you so full of cash that your skin turns green, and every time you burp, a president's picture pops out of your mouth.

And every time you go to the bathroom… nah, I won't go there.

But let me ask you something… what would you do with that money?

I know it's really none of my business… but I want to get you into the right mindset.

What mindset is that? The mindset of someone who gets what they want. Who sees it and goes for it. The mindset of a winner.

So… what would you do with that extra dough? Buy a brand spankin' new car? Maybe even a classic one, the kind that's rare and expensive to maintain?

How about a killer cruise, one that pulls you across the oceans to countries all over the world.

Or maybe all you really want is freedom. That's the ultimate goal, isn't it? No boss breathing down your neck, no fears about your financial security.

In fact, in place of that all that anxiety, all you'd have is this wonderful sense of peace and tranquility. While others are tearing their hair out over a mountain of bills piled unceremoniously on the kitchen table…

You're playing golf. You're taking the kids out on vacation. You're learning new languages and experiencing the world.

In short, you're doing something so few of us get the opportunity to do…

You're living your life.

The Sexiest Couple In The World

I want you to keep that mental image of your future in your mind. I want you to keep that mindset and read on…

Because right now, I want to tell you about the sexiest couple on this planet. No celebrity couple comes even close to being as beautiful, alluring, and influential.

I am, of course, talking about Mr. Opportunity and Ms. Preparation. They have a beautiful child, I'm sure you've heard of her. Her name is Luck.

Let me explain what I'm getting at…

You've probably already gotten started on Internet Marketing, or Affiliate Marketing… or maybe even Network Marketing. You might have created a product, or have a bunch that you're getting ready to resell…

And if you're like the majority of beginner Internet Marketers, you've probably tried to sell some stuff and found that you barely got a dime for all your work.

In short, Ms. Preparation was all ready to go, but Mr. Opportunity didn't come-a-knockin'.

The result? You had absolutely NO luck.

Ahhh I think I see a nod of understanding. In order to have good luck in Internet Marketing, preparation has to meet opportunity. Without both, you're neck-deep in crap creek without a boat, let alone a paddle.

But where the heck did Opportunity go, and why has he been avoiding you? How do you even know how to recognize him when he does show up?

Let me describe him for you.

Opportunity is every single chance you've ever had to sell something to someone.

You got that? In short, each customer you have is an opportunity.

So then… how do you get as much luck as you possibly can? By creating as many opportunities as you can.

And if each opportunity is a customer, then what you need is to create access to as many customers as you can...

Are you getting the picture?

The Opportunity Is In Your List!

Yep, that's right! You've heard it before, and if you haven't, I'm gonna repeat it:

Build your list.

Build your list.

Build your list.

Build your… sorry, got a bit carried away there.

Look, I'm not going to patronize you. I'm not going to teach you about how important a list is because I'm sure you probably already know that.

Having someone rub it and shove it in your face gets old, and it doesn't help you.

Know what would help? If someone told you how the heck to get that traffic. Better yet, if someone just took that job out of your hands and made it happen quick and easy.

Oh man, wouldn't that ever be sweet? You just wake up in the morning, waltz over to your computer, click a few times and boom!

Money starts pouring into the bank. Bliss!

Know what would be even better? If that same system gave you more than one way to build your list, and best of all… didn't ask you for a single cent to do it.

Mmmm, now we're getting to the juicy part. See, I'm not just talking about some figment of my imagination. I'm sure you've already guessed it by now…

The system I'm talking about is real. It's my system, and it's called The List Bandit.

Enter The Matrix

So what'll it be Neo? The blue pill or the red pill? Alright, I'll drop the references to "The Matrix", but let me tell you right now:

Signing up for this system is as life altering as choosing which world you want to live in.

Let me explain…

The List Bandit is a "co-operative list building site."

>> "Well Gary, what the hell does that mean?"

In a nutshell, it means that each and every member of the site contributes to the growth and success of another's list.

Co-operative list building sites are nothing new… in fact, I've put together seven of them in the past. These sites have collectively sent out billions (with a capital "B") of opt-in emails on behalf of our members.

But List Bandit is something special and in a league all of its own.


Let me explain how it all works. See that little red guy? Let's call him Bob. Bob is a free member of List Bandit, and when he signed up, he was placed in the highest available position in the matrix.

A week went by and more people signed up, a few of them winding up in the levels below him. Now these people are in his "downline", and he can send email to all of them.

He does this by logging in with a user name and password, typing in his message and letting The List Bandit Team take care of the rest.

No technical knowledge required! Just plug and play.

But Bob is a hard worker, and likes to get as much as he can out of a good deal, so he sets to work on trying to refer more people. And that's when something great happens.

The first three people he refers are friends, and one of them is particularly excited about the site. Her name is Sally, and she goes absolutely APE, referring nearly fifty members in a month!

Those people wind up not only in her downline, but also in Bob's! Now he gets access to the people he has referred, the people Sally referred, and the people who wound up in his downline when they signed up.

Bob likes what he sees, but wants an even bigger list, so he imitates his friend Sally by using AdWords, and winds up with 25 more people in his downline.

But Bob is pleased to discover that, unlike other list-building sites, List Bandit gives him the names and email addresses of all those whom he referred. All this goes toward a bigger list for Bob, and he couldn't be happier…

Or Could He?

Enter The Dual-Matrix?

Bob's a pretty happy camper, as you can see. But there was still work involved in building up that list.

And that work can be a bit of a pain. Not to mention boring. And besides, I said that this site would take the hassle out of building up a list!

And it will. The List Bandit employs a bit of proprietary technology that took me and my business partner days, weeks, months and years to create. The Dual-Matrix system cannot be found in any other list-building site, and it is the key to what makes this site so special.

I've already explained the first matrix, now let me explain the second. Yes, you heard me right, the second matrix.

Remember that whole thing about Mr. Opportunity? Well, when I created this site, I wanted to make sure that my members got as many opportunities as they possibly could. That's when I realized that one matrix just wasn't enough.

The second matrix, (let's call it the Bandit Matrix), is separate from the Primary Matrix… that means that it does not effect the Primary Matrix in any way.

Also, the Bandit Matrix is randomized. Not once a month. Not once every two weeks. Not even once a week.

The Bandit Matrix is randomized… Every. Single. Day.

At midnight, each and every day, the Bandit Matrix will shuffle its members and position them somewhere else in the Matrix.

That means each and every day, you'll get an email that tells you what position you're at.

On Monday you could have a new list of 4 people, on Tuesday it could be 90, on Wednesday it could be 10…. heck, you could wake up one day and find that you have access to List Bandit's entire matrix!

What's the catch? Well, there's only one.

You can only mail to the Bandit Matrix once a week. That means that, although your position in that Matrix changes every day, you can only e-mail the list once in a week. Why?

Highly Maintained, 100% Quality Control

In order to maintain the integrity of The List Bandit, I have to make sure that the members on this site aren't receiving hundreds of emails and ignoring them all.

I mean, sure, I could let you email everyone in the randomized matrix every single day but… what matters isn't just quantity.

It's quality. I don't want you signing up for a site that has a bunch of fake email addresses and unresponsive members. I want to ensure the quality of our site, and so not only do I set certain rules to protect you as a member, but I also take certain extra measures.

All members are double opt-in. That means that you sign up, a confirmation email is sent to your account, and you confirm. This means that all members have valid email addresses.

I verify all email addresses every single day to make sure that each member has a legitimate, deliverable email address on file.

If they don't, I won't let them send mail. And List Bandit won't send any to them.

Why am I so anal about all of this?

Because my reputation is on the line. Because I mean what I say, I'm a person who has built his fortune on his integrity. That means if I say that your email is going to 500 people, it will be going to 500 deliverable, legitimate e-mail addresses.

In other words… I actually give a crap about my members.

So Let's Go Over All Of That Again, Shall We?

We covered a lot, so let's bring it all down to basics…

Your 100% FREE, List Bandit Membership comes with:

• The Dual-Matrix System - A unique, proprietary bit of technology that gives you not just one, but two lists… The Primary Matrix and The Bandit Matrix.

• The Primary Matrix - Send your email once a week to a permanent, strong list you can build in three ways!

  1. Land a lucky spot by winding up in a high position in the matrix and gaining access to everyone in your downline!
  2. Refer members in any way you can and collect their names and email addresses for your personal list!
  3. Have a Referral King (or Queen) in your downline who goes NUTS and gets you even more potential customers!

• The Bandit Matrix - Send one email a week to a list that changes randomly every single day!

  1. Get lucky and wind up in the top spot!
  2. Get unlucky and shrug it off! There's always tomorrow!
  3. Get a decent sized list and build your online business!

• 100% Quality Control - If we say you're mailing to 500 members, it'll be 500 members. The List Bandit Team will always work to maintain the integrity of this site, which means you can always count on us to do things right.

• The D_ _ _ _ _ _ _ B_ _ _ _ _ _ - A game of hangman? Hardly. You'll learn all about this special feature when you sign up for List Bandit!

• The Personal List-Builder - Wait what? Yeah, I know, I didn't mention this earlier in the copy, and that's because I like saving the best stuff for last.

Remember how I mentioned that each day you'd get an email telling you your position on the Bandit Matrix?

Well when you login, you don't go straight to the membership site. First, you see ten ads from other members of the site.

If you're interested in an offer, just opt-in and your e-mail address and name get sent to the member!

The same works for you! The advertisements you place with your List Bandit membership is sent to other members, which allows you to build up your very own list.

The Personal List-Builder's just one more reason to sign up for the List Bandit… but I've got one more left...

• Special Bonus! - An audio file featuring yours truly, Gary Ambrose… In it, I'll explain how to maximize this site's potential. Like I said. I give a crap about my members. ;)

The Name Is Opportunity. Mr. Opportunity.

Do you still have that image in your mind? The one about your future? If you don't, take a second to call it back up again.

Imagine the roar of the beautiful Aston Martin Vanquish S you've always wanted… Imagine the soft twitter of birds outside the window of your dream home.

Take a second to wrap your hands around the guitar you've desired for years...

Take a minute to relish the idea of walking out on your day job, knowing that bills and financial concerns will no longer weigh down your mind… or your soul.

You've already done the preparation. You've laid out the groundwork, and if you haven't already, the special audio bonus that comes with this membership will help you get started in the right direction.

Now it's time to let List Bandit be Mr. Opportunity. Now is the time to sign up for the free membership that will have you waking up like a child on Christmas morning, rushing eagerly to check your email.

Now is the time to live your life.

Join List Bandit Now!
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Yours in Success,
Gary Ambrose
The List Bandit

P.S. The quicker you sign up, the higher on the matrix you'll be! Don't let any more opportunities slip through your fingers, get started today!

P.P.S. Don't forget, when you sign up, you'll learn about the Mystery Feature that will help bring your business from a crawl to a run! All you've got to do is click here!

P.P.P.S. With the Bandit Matrix feature, you'll get a new, random list each and every day! You could wake up tomorrow and have access to the entire list!

P.P.P.S. My 'P' key is getting worn out! You've got absolutely nothing to lose, so what're you waiting for? Sign up for your 100% Free, No-Obligation Membership today!

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