"What the hell?! A marketing guru is
going to build MY list??"

No, this isn't a joke! Top internet marketing guru Gary Ambrose is going to help build your list - and you can mail to it, every week, for FREE.

From: Gary Ambrose
Location: Orlando, Florida
Re: The Biggest, Baddest List Building System Ever!

Dear Future Massive List Owner,

You've heard it before... "The money is in the list!" Big joint ventures, giant affiliate checks, huge downlines... You want to get there NOW! No waiting months or years to build a list, you want to be living the good life yesterday!

Some top internet marketers have found that they can earn as much as $1 per subscriber each and every month. And they're right - every new subscriber you have can add hundreds of dollars to your pocket over their lifetime!

But those marketers have tens of thousands (if not millions) of subscribers on their lists! How can your average internet marketer, someone without a "known name", build up a list like that?


Yep, leverage.

You've probably tried to build a list before... You gave something away for free, or followed the advice of some "shady" marketers and bought some names, or maybe you just gave up because it was taking so long the "traditional" way! But its ok - because you've been mislead!

I'm going to tell you a secret... Listen carefully, because this will change the way you think about your marketing. Are you ready?

Gurus don't build their own lists.

Not by themselves. They work together with other gurus to build a massive list network! Here, let me show you...

Imagine Guru A has a new product, and on the thank you page there is an opt-in form. They ask Guru B to promote this new product to their lists. Guru B sends out an announcement, and POOF! Guru A gets a boat load of new subscribers. But they aren't his - they're Guru B's subscribers, who got referred to Guru A's list!

Now imagine YOU are that Guru!

That is the power of List Bandit. Instead of trying to make it on your own, building up one subscriber at a time, you get access to a database of thousands - each and every week!

Imagine logging in to your List Bandit account, typing an email, and being able to send it out to 100, 1000, 10,000 or even 50,000 subscribers - tomorrow!

Its all possible thanks to List Bandit's exclusive dual-matrix system. Not only do you get to mail to all of your direct referrals (who are dying to join, because its free!), but you also get randomly moved around in a seperate matrix - every single day!

You can wake up Monday with a list of 100, and wake up Tuesday with a list of 10,000 - all with no extra effort on your part!

Here, let me show you how this works...

Sunday Matrix


You join, and you're at the "bottom of the food chain". Your only subscribers are your direct referrals. But wait...

Monday Matrix

Monday hits, and you have tens of thousands of subscribers! You can choose to mail today ( which would be a good idea ), and take the luck of the draw, or...

Tuesday Matrix


Wait until Tuesday, where you'll find yourself in an entirely different position ... Wait again?

Wednesday Matrix

Well, not quite as good on Wednesday, but it's the luck of the draw. So, mail out? Or ...

Thursday Matrix


Hit the Jackpot on Thursday, and mail out to a couple thousand prospects!

And every day of the week works like that!

By leveraging the efforts of other marketers (including top marketers like myself), you can wake up tomorrow with a list that would outmail and outlast even your toughest competition!

You can have the best of both worlds - build your own list, AND leverage the efforts of other marketers to get even MORE subscribers even FASTER!

As if that wasn't enough...

Do you want a bigger downline? Are you promoting a program the old fashioned way, and struggling to make a real income? List Bandit can help with that, too!

With our built-in downline builder, everyone you refer sees YOUR referral links for some of the hottest programs online today! You don't even have to send out a message. When they login, we show them your links - they click, you win!

It really can't get any easier!

Just type, click, and its sent - no technical skills required! Each and every member you mail to is double opt-in, verified & deliverable - guaranteed! When was the last time you got that kind of service with paid leads?

Don't wait - join today and start building your list Absolutely FREE!

Join List Bandit Now!
- Click Here To Sign-Up For List Bandit -

Yours in Success,
Gary Ambrose
The List Bandit

P.S. Why are you reading down here? If you're considering NOT joining, you must not be that serious about your business. Having a list can mean the difference between guru superstar and "just another marketer". List Bandit can literally hand you a huge, responsive subscriber base, on a silver platter. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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